Embracing a student’s learning style will change the rest of their life.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Apple to offer the choice and flexibility students need, so they can learn with the tools they use best.

Remove limitations when sourcing your school’s fleet, software, or staff training. Our solutions can be completely customised to your needs and we’re always willing to listen first.

Benefits of Apple in Education

Designed for kinaesthetic users with an intuitive interface, creative students like artists and musicians often find Apple devices easier to use; increasing their productivity and enabling them to meet more of their education outcomes.

The iPad can also bring your STEAM classes to life through augmented reality. Its hardware and operating system are both optimised for it, allowing students to explore history, virtually "dissect" flora and fauna, as well as navigate the universe.

Your Apple Fleet, Built to Your Specifications

Create a fleet with the specifications you want through our unique Apple configure-to-order helper. Select your preferred colour, processor type, RAM, and storage size, then make your order as little or big as you like.

Alternately, let your parents customise Apple devices for their children based on your requirements, which they can then buy as part of a managed BYOD program through a dedicated parent portal that we code to your needs.

Hassle-Free Deployment

Your new fleet will be added to your school’s Device Enrolment Program, free of charge, so you can effortlessly manage deployment. Or, receive an on-site installation from one of our talented technicians!


Manage Your Fleet Easily

Gain a full-time, on-site Field Service Engineer to manage your fleet for you. We can also set up Mobile Device Management software (Jamf or Cisco Meraki) that makes it simple to network, deploy, manage, and secure your Apple fleet yourself.

We also offer wireless network design and consultancy
services here.

Engage Students in Deeper Learning

Learn how to increase student inetrest and drive education outcomes by fully utilising your technology. We offer staff personal development courses designed to be enjoyed, not endured, through our Apple Professional Learning Specialists at Using Technology Better.

Receive discounted annual subscriptions for online courses when purchasing iPad class sets or MacBook fleets.

Interest Free Financing for Twelve Months

Unlike many other resellers, we do not increase the price of the machine when financing is chosen. This is how we support families that are unable to pay upfront for managed BYOD programs.

There are also zero administrative and financial overheads for your school when financing with Zip.

STEAM Hire Discounts

Receive a discounted annual subscription (4 x 10 weeks) when you hire STEAM robotics equipment such as OzBot, Sphero, Merge and more with a bundled iPad class set.

Asset Buyback

Recycle old or unused ICT equipment in bulk to save during your refresh through asset buyback. Once we have a list of your equipment and it’s been valued by our experienced purchasing team, we lock in the price so there’s no unexpected dedications later.

We’ll drive to your location to pick up the end-of-life equipment and your data will be securely erased.

Pearcedale Primary School Recommends Apple

"We have bought over 100 iPads and a Mac mini to help support interactive learning for the children. [They give] us the freedom and reliability to use education apps to help support learning and classroom collaboration of children in Prep to 6.

Edunet helped us choose the iPad models that were right for us, also gave us solutions on different xsM services that we could use to deploy and use the iPads effectively in the classroom.

We chose Apple as it integrates seamlessly into the ecosystem of the school. They have the widest range of apps and best compatibility for use within a primary school environment.

Teachers and students love the iPads more than the desktop/laptop devices we use. They find the reliability and wide range of apps far more suited to primary school learning. Even now most of the teachers want to be a 100% apple school."

Jac Jarvis, Specialist Technician and IT Manager